Class: Semantic Web + Ontology Engineering (CS590, WST550)

The web is now evolving toward “Web as a Knowledge resource.” This class will study on the Semantic Data Web including linked data and their lifecycle. Social network service is a collaborative web based on each use’s generated content (UGC) but the semantic web focused on the machine readable and understandable resource that will be finally provable. 

Utilization of this technology includes the deep understanding of knowledge base and question answering: e.g., IBM Watson, Apple Siri, Wolfram Alpha. This class will cover the ontology engineering: “ontology” as a discipline and a software artifact. So we will examine the knowledge engineering requirement to acquire such ontology, re-use the existing resource, apply it for the non-ontological data.

Key phrases are the text mining from web resource to knowledge base, the data mining to discover the relationship of links and repair the missing/wrong links, and the question answering based on linked open data (e.g., QALD).  

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